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June 25, 2009

Unable to perform the backup because the database is closed

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When we decided to convert all possible 32-bit databases to 64-bit, Netvault (tape management APM for Oracle) decided that we have to re-purchase client licenses (which were under a year old) for each host because this was a “different” product. Hmmm, thanks for treating a customer so well…. instead we’ll go with door #2, and you’ll get no new licenses nor support….

Door #2

I’m running EM Grid Control (which I think is a significant, slick upgrade from, by the way) and in the process of putting backups into the jobs section there. The end-state goal is to have all RMAN jobs scheduled and run through EM, backed up to NFS disk, then scraped to tape via 1 filesystem job.

So I’m moving along happily enough, creating weekly fulls and nightly incrementals, testing them, and on one tiny non-ERP database, when I run the job in EM, I get this in the log:

Unable to perform the backup because the database is closed.

Odd, since the database is clearly open, has been up for months, and is completely functional and accessible, I go to Metalink to see if there’s any useful information to be gleaned. It turns out, there’s a few well documented “checks” for this error, most of them revolving around the ORACLE_SID being case sensitive, permissions, agent .xml files, etc. All of these checked out, as did a manual bequeath connection to the database. In the end, the fix was pretty Microsoft-ish. Remove the database and listener from EM. Wait a few minutes. Add them back. Re-run RMAN job. Fixed.

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