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August 10, 2009

If memory serves me correctly

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I accidentally left my shared_pool_size too large last database restart, and now I need to give up some shared pool to the buffer cache. It wasn’t like I typed the wrong number but didn’t notice it; it was tuned for using advanced compression (lots of objects in the buffer cache at half their normal size) and I didn’t really account for the additional needed space in the buffer cache when I uncompressed them. This is a dynamic parameter, so in theory I could shrink it anytime… but I don’t fully trust doing that. Last time I tried to shrink the SGA on the fly (sga_target, which is dynamic), the command hung for a few seconds, then my instance crashed. Admittedly, this was under RDBMS 10.2, but it left me unwilling to issue the command during normal business hours. So I’ll try it during my maintenance window this weekend. If it works, great, less work for me to do. If not, well, that’s pretty much what I expected.

Incidentally, we’re in the final throes of eliminating jinitator and moving to native (Sun? Oracle?) Java. Seems like the difficulty here is on the Windows side. We really restrict some of the plant floor machines to the point where they can’t install software, and don’t want to confuse our users with certificates and “trust this time” or “trust always” type dialog boxes. Looks like it will involve an internal certificate push, a silent java client install, and re-signing the jar files with the cert.

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