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March 10, 2016

My EBS R12.2 adop patch failed, now what?

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adop fails a lot, especially when you’re building a regression test environment.  Remember the old DOS days when you yanked out the floppy disk but still had a: on the screen and DOS said (a)bort, (r)etry, (f)ail?  And abort and fail always seemed like the same thing, but somehow they weren’t?  Same thing with adop, only it calls them abandon and restart.

adop defaults to abandon=no restart=yes if not specified, but to me, that’s still a bit unclear.  For example, what the heck would abandon=yes restart=no do?  Here’s what I came up with

(1) abandon and cleanup (I strongly urge you to do a full cleanup, or you may be asking for trouble)

adop phase=abort,cleanup cleanup_mode=full
adop phase=fs_clone

(2) fix the problem via whatever means (adctrl in the patch environment, drop the index the patch is trying to re-create, etc) and retry from where it failed

adop phase=apply patches=17020683 restart=yes [abandon=no is implied and not required]

(3) fix what’s wrong but retry from the beginning of the patch, or try a new patch (why you would do the latter, I have no idea)

adop phase=apply patches=17020683 abandon=yes [restart=yes is implied and not required]   (same patch)
adop phase=apply patches=17893964,18497540 abandon=yes          (new patch)


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