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October 28, 2015

RDBMS 11g vs. 12c

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A bit of history

Last June, I wrote up a short summary of support implications for Database 12c.  Given that it’s Open World week, I thought I’d see if there were any relevant announcements in regards to this.  I went back to Document 742060.1 and was delighted to see a change since I’d last looked.  In June of 2015 it read:

NOTE: The fee for the first year of Extended Support for 11.2 has been waived for all customers. The Premier Support timeline has been extended one year to show that customers do not need to pay the Extended Support fee to receive Error Correction Support for that first year.

Now, it reads:

NOTE: The fee for Extended Support for 11.2 has been waived for all customers through 31 May 2017. No customer action is required to take advantage of Extended Support during this time.” and “Extended Support fees waived until May 31, 2017. An ES service contract is required starting 1-Jun-2017.



There’s no change log for the doc so I can’t tell when Oracle made this decision. Some of this appears to be semantics; instead of granting more “Premier support extensions” they’re delivering “Free Extended Support”.  While there is a subtle difference there, the bottom line is that if you’re on, you have a little breathing room to get to 12c!

Why does this matter?

For EBS customers like me, Release 12.2 wasn’t even certified with RDBMS and Dataguard until August 2015.  This caused much angst for me, as I had two options: pay more to stay on 11.2 extended support, or rush into and hope for the best in the 4 months Oracle gave me between the certification in August of 2015 and the January 2016 “end of free first year of extended support”.

Thanks, Oracle, for doing the right thing and extending the window for 11.2!

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