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January 9, 2015

Online Patching

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ADOP my friend (today)

So I took the plunge and did the main thing we chose R12.2 for, as opposed to R12.1.  I applied a few patches prior to a downtime/maintenance cycle this weekend in my Production system.  Kind of scary, but everything went OK.  Here’s what’s interesting:

online patching load

Guess when I ran my first adop phase=apply (…) ?   <spoiler: 11:25am>

It was a curiously intense bit of work for the database to apply this patch (19523116 for the record) in online mode.  Oracle never advertised that online patching did its work with 0 impact, but it was a bit of a surprise to see the database system CPU maxed out as a result of it.

I should add that I did this yesterday, and didn’t get any calls or complaints so this in no way affected Production that I ‘m aware of.  My point is only that you should be aware that online patching has the potential to impact your server in significant ways.  Maybe don’t run it during month end close.

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