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September 3, 2014

Fun with R12

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Some genius at Oracle decided to land a user-owned lock file in /tmp for the Weblogic admin server in R12.2.  This would be OK, except it doesn’t have any unique identifier in it such as PID, instance name, etc.  It’s just called .ovdlock.tmp.  It’s even funnier because they make it a hidden file so it’s challenging to find.  

Regardless, as a result, if you have multiple instances running on one (Linux) host with separate OS users for each, one will start just fine, while the other will say

Starting server AdminServer …
Error Starting server AdminServer: weblogic.nodemanager.NMException: Exception while starting server ‘AdminServer’

Without much other explanation…. the fix is to su and chown 777 /tmp/.ovdlock.tmp and retry on the host which wouldn’t start.  There was a Weblogic bug for this, and maybe even a fix, but I haven’t applied it because it didn’t appear to be for my version (10.3.6) of WLS.  Read about it at 1906029.1


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