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June 10, 2014

Let the games begin!

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R12.2.3 Testing has begun

R12.2 changes a LOT of things, especially for an applications DBA.  We’re underway with our upgrade plans to 12.2, and I was happy to see if you have the patience to make all the pieces work (Chrome, Ubuntu, Java, PopUp Blocker, Chrome Plug-In for Oracle R12) you can actually launch forms from Ubuntu.

Initial Upgrade Impressions

There’s a lot of work to upgrade from 11i to 12.2.3.  The upgrade documents are extensive, and not light reading.  Customizations are a bugger to bring over, the whole landscape has changed with edition based redefinition.  Much of this revolves around the changes to the techstack (Weblogic), and online patching.  The new patching utility, adop, works in conjunction with other old favorite ad utilities, but it’s not terribly intuitive.  There was something reassuring watching my workers progress and run; maybe there’s a way to do it and I just haven’t figured out the appropriate CLI switch.  You can still look at them via adctrl, but it’s not the same, I don’t get the reassurance of knowing I only have 123,000 jobs left to finish.  Mostly, though, things look the same.  More to follow.



  1. About to start on our site 11i – 12.1.3. Just finished the OATM so we’ll see how th erest works out. Looking forward to hearning your insights

    Comment by Hilton Meyer (@biking_badger) — June 22, 2014 @ 4:34 am

    • I have some pretty decent experimentation with 12.1 documented here on the blog but it’s pretty dated. We skipped 12.1 in lieu of 12.2 because 12.1 doesn’t buy us much support time. Best of luck to you.

      Comment by kkempf — June 22, 2014 @ 9:24 pm

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