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April 24, 2014

Simplifying an R12 Install

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Pre-validation RPMs

I’d discussed installing an RPM to check your kernel settings and do other trivial OS/Linux tasks before installing an Oracle database here.  Now Oracle has officially released the same mechanism to validate an R12 (12.1, 12.2) environment; I caught wind of it on Steven Chan’s blog here.  This is a nice touch, since the requirements (especially on the application server side) include many x86 packages which are a pain to get.  You can read about it here in Doc ID 1330701.1.  Essentially, you ensure your yum settings allow you to be subscribed to Oracle add-on’s (I’m assuming Oracle Linux here, if you’re not on OL I guess you could point to the public repositories?).  

yum install oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall 



April 16, 2014

Password Reset Error

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Just minding my business

I received an email saying the following error occurs in an 11i cloned instance.  Mind you, this is because we added users to the environment, and by rule Oracle requires them to change their password the first time they login so the password is different than what the system administrator assigned.

Internet Explorer error message:



I’ll spell out a few keywords to the search engines can index this one: AppsChangePassword.jsp java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError JSP Error

If you’re running Chrome, here’s your error message





That Was Supposed to be a Joke

From Chrome, I just got a white page, no error, no nothing.  I had to debug this from IE, which just pains me.  Oh yeah, I’m not supposed to use Chrome for Ebusiness suite, even though it works fine and I’ve been using it from a Linux desktop for 8 years now.  Incidentally, there’s a plug in for Chrome to make R12 work, it turns out it does work fine though I have some privacy concerns… you can find it here.

The Fix

First I tried to bounce apache, but that did nothing, so I opened an SR.  I think I found this fix on MOS before the analyst gave it to me, but it didn’t seem like a great fit based on the description in the doc so I didn’t do it until he told me to.  Hat tip to MOS and the ATG team, they identified a fix for an issue quickly and without asking me 10 irrelevant questions first.  Anyways, run this script

$JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ –compile -s ‘AppsChangePassword.jsp’ –flush

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