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December 5, 2013

Cleaning up after Autoconfig

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This post could also be called “writing a tiny shell script to notify me of a difference in a config file”.  Short and sweet 2nd post today, I love shell scripting!

Whenever I run autoconfig, it reverts back a value for my Mobile Supply Chain dispatcher port to a value stored in the database somewhere which is wrong.  If I dig into the log, it’s complaining that the port I want it to change to is in use.  Duh, it’s running.  Except it complains when it’s not running also.  The dispatcher is downright critical to getting into Mobile Supply Chain, and Oracle Support is being their usual helpful self.  Except now as of Dec 1, new for 11i: extra ignore!

Let’s assume you have a “good” version of a config file sitting next to one autoconfig wants to keep changing.  This script will email you the differences if they exist.  It assumes you have sendmail setup on your linux host.


MWACHECK=`diff --brief $MWA_TOP/secure/mwa.cfg $MWA_TOP/secure/mwa.cfg.good|grep -woF differ`
if [ $MWACHECK ]
  diff $MWA_TOP/secure/mwa.cfg $MWA_TOP/secure/mwa.cfg.good | mail -s "$MWA_TOP/secure/mwa.cfg file is different"

Crontab it up and you’re done:

# email me bad MWA config file in $MWA_TOP/secure once a day
0 16 * * * /(path to script)/


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