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January 3, 2013

A peek at 2013, and Windows 8

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Back in the saddle

So it’s been some time since I posted, and I figured I’d start off with low hanging fruit.  It’s not that I’ve given up on blogging, just haven’t had a lot to write about lately.

Suddenly… 2013!

It turns out, this year I should have plenty of fodder for the blog.  Among the items on the docket:

  • Replacing Highjump with Oracle Mobile Supply Chain in 11i
  • Upgrading 11i to r12
  • Migrating all EBusiness suites to a new colo facility
  • Moving all storage from Dell Equilogic to Nimble Storage

Windows 8

So over the course of the holidays, I had the opportunity to see Windows 8 first hand.  Like many of you, I suppose, I often become the defacto PC support person for the family.  It’s no mystery that I’m not a giant proponent of Micro$oft (I’m updating this blog entry from Ubuntu), but I do run Windows 7 and think it’s a solid OS.

I spent about an hour trying to figure out Windows 8.  It’s an hour I can’t get back.  In short, it’s the most useless upgrade/update I’ve ever seen in my life, and appears engineered for the ADD/Facebook generation, not people who have real work to do on their PCs.  I can say, with all confidence, that I will never install that OS on any PC I own.   Here’s the list of who I think probably likes Win 8:

  • Apple
  • M$ fanboys and girls
  • Me.  Because it means I can say “Sorry, I can’t help you, I haven’t installed Windows 8 and it just doesn’t make any sense to me”

So I have to ask, why?  It seems like M$ banked the future on the smallest segment of their markets:

  • If Microsoft had any presence in the smart phone market it might make sense, but Microsoft smart phone sales are virtually non-existent (2% last article I read). 
  • I might be inclined to use a touch screen at the airport for self-check in, but it’s not how I work.  What minute slice of the PC market is for touch screens?
  • I’ve never even seen a Microsoft tablet.  I assume they must exist.

I can say with some confidence, this OS will never get into the corporate world.  I’ve read articles comparing it to the Vista debacle, but this seems worse to me.  At least Vista ran and was usable if you backed it with the right hardware.  I left the Windows 8 experience with the hopes that I’d never have to interact with it again.


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