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October 16, 2011

Enterprise Manager 12c

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Just a Teaser..

For those of you (like me?) who didn’t get to Open World this year, you may not be aware that Enterprise Manager 12c has been released.  It promises to support cloud-based deployments of Oracle software in addition to all things which were previously managed by EM.  I admit I’m curious about it, but because I’m going to some training next week and will be out of town, I wasn’t in a hurry to upgrade a known entity (EM11g) with an unknown.  I did, however, begin the upgrade process by applying patch 1044087 to my EM 11g.  This makes the upgrade link show up under the deployments tab:

New content

When you click through, you get a whole screen full of upgrade steps to follow

More than an afternoon's work...

I’m running EM 11g, I’m not sure why it suggests I’m upgrading from (underlined in red in screenshot above) but it’s likely this is just a typo.

Sorry for the teaser, that’s as far as my “upgrade” is going for a few weeks as I need EM to be reliable and stable…


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