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July 7, 2011

More fun and games with EM 11g (Collection Errors)

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Rarely Resilient

The other day I went into my custom metrics and to my surprise, saw most of the metrics were broken with Collection Error status as shown here:

Damage Control!

Obviously the problem here, is that aside from catastrophic database or general host problems, I’ve lost alerts on all the things Oracle didn’t bother to put in EM11g which are relevant to 11i.  Don’t get me started on the apps management pack.  You can try it for yourself.

Technical Fix

Finding nothing on the world’s slowest support site, I restarted agents, restarted the entire EM tier, but nothing helped.  Finally I went into each metric, typed in the apps password, and hit test:


Amazing!  It is working, except it’s not working.  Not sure why it just stopped trying. Regardless, hit OK and you can do the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

End State

About 15 minutes after I did this to all custom metrics, they were all working except for two, which I redid as described above and eventually they snapped into shape also

As normal as it gets


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