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June 1, 2011

Getting Oracle to work is a customization

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Mobile Supply Chain loose ends

There were a few items in mobile supply chain which I followed up on, out of curiosity.  They revolved around the html-based administrative pieces which you can access after an 11i login.  The short of it is, that they simply do not work out of the box in 11i.  So I opened SR’s, just to run them to ground, and found out that to make them work, I needed to make changes to my context file and more important, to $IAS_HOME

You may or may not be familiar with the authorized way of customizing a template in 11i.  Back in the good old days, you just marked up the config file to what you needed, and hoped autoconfig didn’t access it.  Sounds crazy, but in autoconfig’s infancy, in most cases, it didn’t, or possibly you just didn’t use/trust autoconfig because it was just as likely to break your 11i environment as fix it.  Nowadays, autoconfig is usually right and fairly indispensable.  The proper and supported method for customizing a config file is via custom templates, and the method is outlined in note 270519.1 “Customizing an AutoConfig Environment”.  Really, if you’re not familiar with it, I strongly recommend reading it.

On to the problems

  1. As a part of installing MSCA, I tried to log into the administrative pages from 11i.  When logging in as the MWA Server Manager responsibility, I then selected Monitor Server.  It took me to the next page, where it complained with the error Unable to obtain MWA_TOP. Please makesure to set the JVM parameter “oracle.apps.mwa”.    This was a known issue under 11i, as spelled out in 415945.1 (or 782162.1 for R12).  Hey this should be no sweat then, right?  I mean, it’s a known (if not prolific) problem, having survived even a migration to R12.   MSCA has been around for years, and 11i is under Extended Support per this document, which specifically says it includes “Updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates”.  I would say this is a fix, right, as autoconfig breaks their product from running, right out of the box?  Nope.
  2. Three values in the context file are wrong, out of the box.  Oracle doesn’t recognize dashes “-” or commas “,” for these values <mwaPortNo oa_var=”s_mwaPortNo” oa_type=”PORT”>10200-10205</mwaPortNo> or <mwaTelnetPortNo oa_var=”s_mwaTelnetPortNo” oa_type=”PORT”>10260,10262,10264</mwaTelnetPortNo> or <mwaDispatcherPort oa_var=”s_mwaDispatcherPort” oa_type=”PORT”>10300-10303</mwaDispatcherPort>.  The values 10200-10205 and 10300-10303 in my case, should actually be 10200;10202;10204 and 10300 respectively.  Where did these dashed/comma values come from?  Beats me.  I guess I could go digging, but the truth is, that’s not my job.  Support didn’t seem to care, at all, that their default values were wrong (which is the only reason I opened the SR), only giving me the fix (change the values).  My concern here wasn’t to nitpick.  It was that I’d do something like update to the latest autoconfig template patch and they’d break again.  Or that perhaps Oracle didn’t actually mean to deliver this product wrong out of the box, and might be interested to learn that somewhere the ports were being inserted wrong.  Regardless, the analyst simply wanted to get the ticket closed.

A few SRs later…

The fix for the first issue boils down to a bad template, or at least a template which needs to be updated.  I thought this odd, since the actual document explaining the process is titled Customizing an AutoConfig Environment.  To summarize, in order to get the web based MWA server management right, you have to make a customization to the template.  This just doesn’t sit right with me, since I’m still under support.  Isn’t this a bug?  Won’t they fix this in the next autoconfig rollup patch?  Well here’s the details of the fix again, in case you need it:

mkdir $FND_TOP/admin/template/custom

cp $FND_TOP/admin/template/ $FND_TOP/admin/template/custom

edit the new file in /custom, add this line:
wrapper.bin.parameters=-Doracle.apps.mwa=<full path to your $MWA_TOP, such as /u01/app/mwa/11.5.0

restart Apache

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