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May 2, 2011

You can’t make this stuff up

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Time for some geek humor

Short and sweet.  Some days, you just have to give up.

I was in EM, raising the threshold for some agent which kept alerting me that it was just barely hitting the threshold for memory use.  Seeing as how I couldn’t care in the least about that, I went to update the metric threshold to double what it was and I got this screen:

Beyonnd belief!

Finding the message funny, and being a good netizen, I went to (I can’t upload files to support, since they don’t support the linux operating system they sell, just the one Redmond, WA does).  I was going to upload the screenshot above, and tell them about their typo, when I got this screen for opening a SR:


I gave up, closed the browser, and found some other work to do.


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