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March 29, 2011

Stuck in status pending

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How annoying is this

After a brief network outage, 3 of my EM database targets were showing as status pending.  The databases were fine.  The agents were fine.

The quickfix

Go to the OS where the agent resides corresponding to the stuck database

  • emctl stop agent
  • cd $AGENT_HOME/sysman/emd
  • rm -rf state/*
  • rm -rf upload/*
  • rm -rf collection/*
  • rm lastupld.xml
  • rm agntstmp.txt
  • rm blackouts.xml
  • emctl clearstate agent
  • emctl start agent
  • emctl upload agent

From EM go to Setup->Agents

  • click on the now jacked up agent you just messed with
  • click on “Start Resynchronization”
  • after that, you may need to unblock the agent, as well, from the Setup->Agents screen

End result

After a minute or two, the agent unscrewed itself, and realized that the database was up as well.


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