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March 4, 2011

That can’t be a solution!

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Ghetto IT Volume I

Dabbling in R12

I began an R12 upgrade in a sandbox environment a few weeks back, to see what had changed since the last time I’d done the technical upgrade.  I know R12 is inevitable, and with the release of 12.1.3 I wanted to see how painful the path was.  Turns out, it’s about the same as it always has been applying a major patch in Oracle E-Business Suite:

  1. Wait for a worker to fail.
  2. Search on the worker name in Metalink.  Open SR if you can’t find it to get a fix
  3. adctrl to restart the worker or use the not-so-secret option #8 to skip the worker
  4. pray the fix works.

Does Oracle operate in the real world?

The problem I hit this morning is described in Note 1072538.1: Basically, 3 PER workers failed because of a code problem:

When trying to upgrade from to 12.1.1, “Patch 6678700 – 12.1.1 : Upgrade Patch” has failed again with INVALID_SEE_COMMENT_IN_SOURCE against the following modules:

FAILED: file pereirsd.sql on worker 4.
FAILED: file peaeirsd.sql on worker 6.
FAILED: file peaeiasd.sql on worker 7.

The fix works, but the real-world application is beyond stupid.  They want a patch applied, to fix the error, so you can continue your R12 upgrade patch.  Right.  Because as soon as I start another patch, it asks to truncate all the existing patch data tables (in process) which exist because my current patch isn’t complete and is waiting for me to fix failed workers.  In other words, I’m 20 hours into an upgrade, and now I have to apply a fix-it patch and start over?  No thanks.

Ghetto IT

It may be un-PC, but we use this term in our department to refer to a cheap, easy method for getting things done which nobody wants to talk about or admit works.  In my case, I pulled the patch, dug into it to find only one piece of sql was in it.  I ran the sql separately in another sqlplus session as apps:

  • @/scratch/stage/r12/r12.1.1/8845395/per/patch/115/sql/peasgasddrop.sql

Then I restarted the 3 failed workers with adctrl and, magically, they completed normally and the patch went on (6678700, or the R12 upgrade patch).


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  1. Thanks you very much for the solution


    Comment by Sridhar — December 28, 2011 @ 2:22 am

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