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December 3, 2010

Discoverer 11g with 11i: Upgrading from to

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conFusion strikes again

I had previously posted regarding my struggles with installing, configuring, starting and stopping Discoverer (Discoverer 11g) against an 11i environment.  Well at least Oracle is consistent.  If you can even figure out how to actually install it, the newest version of Discoverer ( has all the same problems as the prior version: Webcache, startup scripts, etc.  Bundled with a convoluted upgrade only version of and WLS restrictions as to which version can run on which and you get: conFusion Apps!

For no particular reason…

I decided to try the latest and greatest version of Fusion for my Discoverer setup.  Really, I figured that since I hadn’t installed it in production yet, it might buy me a little more support time somewhere down the road if I could sneak in a minor upgrade.  I had to assume that a X.X.X.2 to X.X.X.3 upgrade was minor, right?  Regardless, my situation was this:  I had Discoverer installed and working with Weblogic server 10.3.2, and had previously posted here about the trials and tribulations of getting there.

The initial hurdle

For this upgrade was figuring out how to get there.  The first step is the Weblogic server.  There is no apparent “upgrade” button on the install.  I would have preferred to upgrade in place, from 10.3.2 (which is only certified against to 10.3.3 (which is only certified against  The problem is that the Fusion Middleware (FMW, which contains the Discoverer install) for is not a full install, it’s an upgrade.  One might be inclined to think you would upgrade WLS to 10.3.3 and upgrade to and be done.  I had to open an SR to get the right order.  Effectively, WLS 10.3.3 needs to be in its own home, then you install without the configuration option (software install only).  Then you install  Then you run $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/bin/ to configure discoverer.  Then you pick up the pieces and fix it….

The cleanest solution I could find

In my case, I just deleted or uninstalled everything.  At first, I tried to do a clean uninstall, first by running -deinstall (only Oracle would come up with syntax like this) and also from the WLS 10.3.2 home.  This left a mess in the inventory, so in the end I just did a big rm -rf on the command line and “fixed” the oracle inventory to remove any references to the Fusion homes.

  1. Clean install of WLS 10.3.3 uncheck and don’t run the quickstart when it’s done
  2. Install FMW software only install
  3. Install FMW
  4. Run the Repository Creation Utility (RCU)
  5. Run $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/as_1/bin/ to complete the configuration
  6. Fix the webcache bug (doc 1113163.1) “Failed to assign port 8090: Address family not supported by protocol”if you hit it:
    1. Edit the file $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/asinst_1/config/WebCache/webcache1/webcache.xml
    2. Add <IPV6 ENABLED=”NO”/> tag below the </MULTIPORT> tag
  7. I also hit a common webcache problem this time, where the webcache wouldn’t start even after the #6 steup: webcached permissions hadn’t been set right:
    1. Navigate to $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/as_1/webcache/bin
    2. As root, run setroot (username) where username is the user who installed the webcache
    3. Permissions should look like this when you’re done: -rwsr-x— 1 root    dba 6796777 Dec  3 11:32 webcached
  8. Copy/link the approriate (8.0.6 home for 11i installs) tnsnames. ora file to 2 locations with a command like this
    1. cd $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/asinst_1/config
    2. ln -s $8.0.6_HOME/network/admin/SID_host/tnsnames.ora
    3. cd $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/as_1/network/admin
    4. ln -s $8.0.6_HOME/network/admin/SID_host/tnsnames.ora

For whatever reason, the default port for Discoverer changed from 8090 to 9001:

Discoverer Plus: http://hostname:9001/discoverer/plus

Discoverer Viewer: http://hostname:9001/discoverer/viewer

Weblogic Server Administration: http://hostname:7001/console

Weblogic Marketing Propoganda: http://hostname:7001

For ease of reference, here’s the variables referenced most often in Fusion installs:

MIDDLEWARE_HOME=Middleware Install Location (xxx/xxx/xxx/Middleware)

Just in case you were wondering…

Yes, it’s running fine in Google chrome, though totally unsupported.   Let’s get on the ball and certify the fastest growing browser on the planet, Oracle!


End Game, after quite a fight!

WLS 10.3.3, showing the admin server and discoverer services running



  1. All sounds all too familiar. I recently did an Discoverer install – and what a mess of a process the whole thing is ( and why the heck we’ve reverted back to needing a repository database beats me).

    I’m sure (I hope) Oracle come out with a much more streamlined process in the future for these installs.

    Note – step 2 and step three in your post mention 10.1.1.x, these should be 11.1.1.x.

    I eventually got all working… but for the life of me I can’t get any decent start/stop scripts to run form the Linux command line. Do you have any pointers on what start/stop scripts for the Discoverer system should look like?


    Comment by Des Collins — December 7, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

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