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October 6, 2010

Over Riding Workflow Email in 11i

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In the Real World

ERP environments get cloned, products get implemented, and users are inadvertently sent Workflow notifications from non-Production systems.  In this quick post I hope to show you how you can avoid this.

Pull the Plug

The absolute simplest way to avoid confusing, non-Production deliveries from a non-Production system: Turn it off.  Almost didn’t mention this, but figured in the interest of completeness, I would.  Just click the radio button for Workflow Notification Mailer, then use the drop down box to select Stop and hit go.

Collecting Disability

The Over-Ride

The next simplest way to avoid confusing deliveries is to send all outbound messages to one person.  From the screenshot above, hit the View Details button (which is confusing, because you’d think it would be under edit), and you get to a screen that looks like this:

Note that I prefix the sender name with DEV, wheras in Production, it’s PROD.  This is an easy way for me (or the helpdesk) to identify errant emails which cause phone calls, and if it says “DEV Workflow Mailer” I can confidently tell the user to hit the delete key and hang up the phone.  Incidentally, a confirmation code is sent via email which must be entered to “finalize” the override.  It’s like an episode of Chuck.


We all know that 10 minutes after you set the over ride to the project manager for the product they’re implementing, he or she will call you and say “no, that’s not what I meant”.  Un-over riding this functionality is a little harder to find, but within the view details screen you can see below how to “clear” it:

Never Mind

Old School

If you’re trying to script this (for example, as part of a post-cloning procedure) and don’t wish to be bothered by verification emails, an update like this should do the trick:

parameter_value = ''
parameter_id =
display_name = 'Test Address'

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