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May 6, 2010

Fun with adpatch

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Maintenance Time

This weekend I have a maintenance window (of course, on Mother’s Day) and hadn’t actually applied the approved patches in about 6 months.  Since I had the luxury of time to perform a “dry run” in an 11i sandbox environment, I went ahead and started with the patching.  The environment was a recent clone of production, so I didn’t anticipate any problems, but yet they found me.  I thought the nature of the error and the fix might be of interest.

Could not create the Java virtual machine

Yeah, what fun.  Shortly into the adpatch run, I hit the following error:

Running adjcopy.class:


adjava -mx512m -nojit @/u02/appmis/misappl/admin/MIS/out/apps.cmd


AutoPatch error:

ERROR  Running adjopy.class


AutoPatch error:

Error updating master archive

The Fix

What a mess.  The log pointed to the solution:

Unrecognized option: -nojit
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

A little (somewhat creative) digging on Metalink and I stumbled across ID 301542.1 which was a similar issue.
My $APPL_TOP/admin/adovars.env file had a bad environment variable:

# Set java program used by AD
ADJVAPRG=/opt/jdk/bin/jre (change jre to java)

To complete the fix, simply reinstantiate your environment (typically $APPL_TOP/APPSORA.env)

Minimum Baselines for 11i Extended Support

Incidentally, the patching I’m doing at this point is in response to new minimum baselines (wouldn’t have been a lot easier?) required for extended support for 11i beyond November 2010.


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