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February 16, 2010

IE8, Windows 7, and 11i compatibility

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After a maintenance window on Sunday, applying pretty innocuous RDBMS patches, I’m now getting a FRM-91126 invalid value timezlrg#dat for environment variable FORMS60_TZFILE error when I try to log into 11i from home (where I use IE8):

This is a known issue, and occurs because I haven’t yet applied (or regression tested) patch 8888184 “APPS6: MERGE LABEL REQUEST FOR BUGS 8645973 6210790 ON TOP OF”.  For a good note on OS/Ebusiness Suite/Browser compatibility check out 285218.1

Say what?

This used to work fine; something obviously changed as a result of restarts/patching though I did very little to apps at all, much less the forms server or 8.0.6 teckstack.  What I found interesting was that the error is intermittent.  We have a handful of Windows 7 machines here in the IT department, and they worked as expected without the patch.  Regardless, I tested the patch in my TEST environment, and the issue went away, so I can at least confirm the patch works.

Incidentally, if you have any Firefox 11i users (Linux people!) you may want to look at 7567782 “FF3 CERT: JPI-VERSION PARAMETER NOT SUPPORTED IN JRE6U10 FOR EBS11i”.  It appears that this lifts the requirement for a static Java version.  You already have this if you’re on ATG_PF_H RUP7.



  1. Hi Kevin,

    How can we check if MLR patch 8888184 is applied on the environment.

    Cherrish Vaidiyan

    Comment by Cherrish Vaidiyan — July 29, 2010 @ 11:07 am

    • I have to say, this is a harder question than I anticipated. Since it’s not run with opatch or adpatch, there’s no “logged” way to determine if it’s been run. If you look at the patch, it’s delivering 2 files (izc.o and izcgi.o) and doing some relinking. When I looked on the filesystem, it was rather obvious the patch had been applied.

      In $ORACLE_806_HOME/forms60/lib, do an ls -ltr izc.o; if it’s the same size as what’s in the patch download (on Linux x86: 15236 bytes), you’ve likely applied the patch. In addition, there’s a file out there called .izc.o.pre8888184_6.0.8.28. The same goes for izcgi.o; 8888184 delivers a version on Linux x86 which is 7648 bytes and there’s an .izcgi.o.pre8888184_6.0.8.28 file there as well.

      Comment by kkempf — July 29, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

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