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February 15, 2010

Advanced Compression with 11i, Take 2, Day 1

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So far, so good

After waiting about a year since my first attempt, the timing was finally right for me to patch the core RDBMS with Patch 8277580: ORA-07445: [__INTEL_NEW_MEMCPY()+44].  This was Oracle’s fix for the data corruption I was seeing on my dataguard physical standby after I compressed BOM.CST_ITEM_COST_DETAILS (no other tables seemed affected in this way).

I had my doubts, but nearly 24 hours later, and several cost rollup runs have elapsed without incident. The raw stats look great:

----- ------------------------------ --------------- ------------------ ------------------- -----------------
BOM   CST_ITEM_COST_DETAILS                 1717.38              429.88               .75

By the way, it’s amazing how much “stuff” touches that particular table in a discrete manufacturing 11i environment.  Can you tell when I recreated the indexes?

Rebuild your indexes!


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