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January 14, 2010

CPU Jan 2010 Available

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There must be a catch

The quarterly CPU is out; to my complete amazement, Oracle actually did something to make my life easier:

This CPU announces new cumulative patches for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i10 CU2 customers. With this Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i10 CU2 customers on ATG RUP 6 or ATG RUP 7 can apply a single patch that contains all CPU patches for the current Critical Patch Update and includes all fixes from previous Oracle security alerts and Critical Patch Updates released earlier.

When I upgraded to a few years ago, I think I had to apply 75+ CPU patches to “re-secure” the 11i environment.  Now it’s simplified, and retro-active, regardless of where your patch level falls:

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i10 CU2 Patches, in all the three cases:

  • You have applied all Critical patches released for 11i10 CU2.
  • You have applied some Critical patches released for 11i10 CU2.
  • You have applied none of the Critical patches released for 11i10 CU2.

You can apply the cumulative patch listed in Table 5, Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i10 CU2 Patches, in all the three cases

Between the RDBMS PSU’s coming out last summer (consolidated recommended/security patches for the RDBMS) and cumulative 11i security patches, life has gotten a lot easier, for an 11i DBA, in the past year.  For once I can say, “Thanks Oracle!”.


Oh, silly me for singing the praises of Oracle before browsing the README for the cumulative patch.  It reads like a never-ending if-then-else statement; it’s definitely an improvement, but far less impressive now…

1) Applicable only after applying patch - 9077775.

2) Apply the following patches only if your application system doesn't have
it. There is no need to re-apply the patch if the application system has the
following patches or it's superseded patches.

a) If you have implemented "Lease Management (OKL)" and

If you are at 11i.OKL.F level, apply patch 6126121
If you are at 11i.OKL.G level, apply patch 6657385
If you are at 11i.OKL.H level, apply patch 6672497

b) If you have implemented "Human Resources (PER)", apply following patches:
       - 4582839
       - 3832113

c) If you have implemented "Human Resources Suite" and
If you are at 11i.HR_PF.G and above, apply patch 5973651
If you are at, apply patch 6204551

d) If you have implemented "Financials" and
If you are at 11i.FIN_PF.G (3653484) level, apply patches 4155556 and 5307530
If you are at 11i.FIN_PF.F (3153675) level, apply patch 4058603
If you are at 11i.FIN_PF.E (2842697) or 11i.FIN_PF.D (2629235), apply patch

e) If you have implemented Internet Expenses (OIE) and 11i.OIE.I (3376648)
level, apply patch#6117954

f) If you have implemented "Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator (BNE)"
and 11i.BNE.C (2819091) level, apply patch 3758012

g) If you have implemented "CRM Gateway for Mobile Devices (ASG)", apply

h) If you have implemented "Trading Community (HZ)" and

If you are at 11i.HZ.G or 11i.HZ.H level, apply patches 5661618 and 5521537
If you are at 11i.HZ.I to 11i.HZ.L level, apply patches 3748840 and 3748842
If you are at 11i.HZ.M level, apply patches 5661619 and 5521476
If you are at 11i.HZ.N level, apply patches 5661617 and 5526897


  1. Hi Kevin!,
    I just completed a huge patching project where we updated all that you mentioned and then some!! It was quite confusing form a BA’s point of view to get the correct people reading the correct readme’s relevent to our environment (all the if thens were crazy too). My favorite was the ATG RUP#. I made the whole team read it even though it is more for the DBA to read – it proved to be helpful especially with the XML publisher changes. Needless to say, I had a great supportive team and the project was a success.
    Glad I found your blog…. Will now follow:)

    Comment by Anna Marie — September 6, 2011 @ 4:09 pm

    • I’m glad it was a relevant read. To be honest, I’d forgotten what I’d even bantered on about, but it really has gotten a lot better the past few months (in terms of rollup patches, and security patches). Hopefully you’re also in line with the mandatory baselines for extended 11i support, you can find that article elsewhere on the blog. I’m impressed you were able to follow the spaghetti bowl of prerequisites and conditions mandated by major patching! Hope all is well up there in Chicago, all my best!

      Comment by kkempf — September 6, 2011 @ 6:12 pm

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