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December 7, 2009

Write to a socket from PL/SQL

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During a code clean-up, I had to figure out how to send a sequence number to a dumb (are there any other kind?) Windows application server over a tcp socket.  This sequence number will effectively act as a trigger for the app server to go print a label (with data referenced by this sequence number).  The Linux guy showed me how to create a testing socket on my Linux desktop so I could verify it was working, and I thought it was interesting enough to pass along.  Really the only variables are the remote host IP/name ( in my case), the remote port, and what you’re writing:

 bt_conn               utl_tcp.connection;
 retval                binary_integer;
 l_sequence            varchar2(30) := 'Sequence Number 101021';
 bt_conn := utl_tcp.open_connection(remote_host => ''
                                   ,remote_port => 5000
                                   ,tx_timeout => 1
 retval := utl_tcp.write_line(bt_conn,l_sequence)
 when others then
  raise_application_error(-20101, sqlerrm)

On my Linux box, I just opened a terminal and ran netcat, then ran the PL/SQL from another terminal session:

netcat listening on port 5000


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