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December 3, 2009

Discoverer 10g with Ebuisness Suite 11i (CP6 available)

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I’m still running Discoverer 10g…we’re not sophisticated enough or rich enough to justify OBIEE yet.  I noticed in Note 237607.1 that Discoverer 10g CP6 (8746296) was available for Windows, Solaris and HP-UX a few weeks back; now they’ve got the Linux x86 version available.   It’s as simple as OPatch gets: download it, unzip it, stop discoverer, run opatch, start discoverer.

Version before and after the patch was:; apparently this doesn’t change with CP’s

I looked up the Statement of Direction for Oracle Discoverer 10g, as it’s always been a bit of a red-headed stepchild in the Oracle inventory (more so with the advent of OBIEE).  Looks like 10gR2 (10.1.2) loses premier support in 1 year, and extended support in 2 years.  Not sure if that means it will be kept on life support on an exception basis for Ebusiness Suite users, or if we’ll see a cert for Discoverer 11g with 11i.

Incidentally, about a year ago we moved from desktop-based Discoverer 4i to 100% web based use of Discoverer 10g.  From an administration standpoint, it’s a dream.  We intentionally decided not to let users have the 10g Discoverer plus desktop client due to the hassles of patches, tnsnames changes, etc, and the result is that I only think about Discoverer a few times a year when various patchsets come out.

Discoverer 10g with 11i


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