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December 2, 2009

Performance or Security?

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Fast or Safe?

I’m a regular reader of Steven Chan’s blog, and he had a good posting of an Open World presentation about 11i/R12 performance tuning.  It referenced note 244040.1 “Recommended Performance Patches for Oracle E-Business Suite”.  This document is a patchwork (no pun intended!) of patch names which seems to be a  little more haphazard than the typical Oracle document.  Nonetheless, I went through and (tried) to determine which patches were applicable to my RDBMS ( backend of 11i.  I found 9 patches when I included their section on Advanced Compression.

A brief aside, their list for Advanced Compression included my “showstopper” bug fix from last summer.  That’s in and of itself good, except I wouldn’t call a patch which prevents the corruption of your standby database to be a recommended performance patch…

So I began to use opatch to apply the patches (8364676  8508056  8834636  8409203  8580883  8876094  8447623  8599477  8983266) to my TEST environment (Linux x86-64), and suprise!, all but 4 conflict with PSU 1009.

So, to paraphrase:

  1. Oracle recommends you apply security patches (CPUs/PSUs)
  2. Oracle recommends you apply performance patches
  3. Oracle security patches are inherently at conflict with the performance patches

Incidentally, I’m aware that in theory, you can contact support and get patch merges, but I’m not going down that road every quarter!


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