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November 18, 2009

My Oracle (Still) Sucks.. but today I can log in

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Faster Problem Resolution... Slower Site

My frustration with My Oracle Support hasn’t changed.  While I’ve moved beyond being unable to log in to the site, there seems to be no end to the bugs I’ve hit.

I’ve opened several non-technical SR’s to complain about bugs and problems.  Typically, they are responded to in about 2-3 days, by which time the problem is often either irrelevant or fixed.

One particularly curious issue occurred last week, when I opened an old doc (401561.1) it was missing an entire section (number 4).  I can’t make this kind of thing up.  Of course, it was the part I needed, and it jumped from section 3 to section 5.  The hyperlink at the top of the doc for section 4 simply failed to do anything.  Everything else in the doc seemed fine.  By the time an analyst looked at it a few days later, it was magically fixed.

Today I was trying to perform a knowledge search on a rather explicit error message a user had received in iProcurement.  I put the quoted text in the box, and after spinning itself dizzy for a minute or more, it came back with the following error.




I don’t know what this means…


so I was going to do the right thing and open a feedback SR to tell them about it.  Except I can’t upload files from the flash site, so I had to log out and log back in, go to the feedback SR, and attach the screenshot so they could fix it…. except when I hit Upload files I received an error:

I can’t help but think that this whole endeavor was a cosmic failure for Oracle.  If you google My Oracle Support and look for forums, blogs, or media articles not owned by Oracle, you will see a lot of similar sentiment in places like this, here or maybe a forum like this one.

I don’t honestly believe Oracle can “back out” MOS and return Metalink at this point.  With the amount of money I see my company pay annually for support which continues to get worse, it makes me wonder what it will take to change things there.

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