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November 9, 2009

SEOUC 2010

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Seems like I’m always blogging about poor experiences with Oracle these days… thought I’d change gears a little.  Received a card in company mail from SEOUC 2010, which I was happy to see.  It’s the Southeastern Oracle Users Conference, held in Charlotte, NC this coming February 24th-25th.  This notice was just a call for papers (and I really wish I had one ready as I want to do this someday, almost did, but that’s another story) but it got me thinking that I should share what a refreshing resource OAUG and in particular this regional groups is.  Last year’s conference was like a mini-OpenWorld.  There were vendors, a keynote, and breakout sessions about various topics.  All told, you can’t beat the bang for the buck: 1-2 nights accommodations in Charlotte, and a paltry $285 to attend all of the main conference.  If your organization is not a member of OAUG, I’d encourage you to look.  I can’t honestly say I’ve gotten a lot out of OAUG proper so far (as opposed to the SEOUC conference, a derivative of OAUG), but I am also hoping to attend Collaborate 10 to see how it compares to Open World.    I was swapping stories with a non-techie about Open World, and threw out my gripe that Open World seemed like an Oracle cheerleading session at times.  She told me that OAUG can seem like an employment conference for consultants.   Time will tell..


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