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October 19, 2009

Warning: Your application is making bad assumptions

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Low-level logging is currently enabled.  Your application will not perform as well while low-level logging is on.

In IT, we often joke about keeping the users in the dark about outages and performance issues….

I recently had a problem where my cost manager would die about every 2 days, and as part of the resolution with Oracle I was told to enable logging via a few profile option values: FND: Log Enabled, FND: Log Module, FND: Log Level = Statement and FND: Log Filename for Middle Tier.  I believe that changing the level to Statement is what truly caused the issue I’m about to describe, though I’m not 100% sure.  Regardless, after changing these settings (by the way, the Log Module was set to WIP%, and therefore only affecting WIP), the login responsibilities screen looked like this:

... and it's going to rain today, too!

... and it's going to rain today, too!

This change immediately caused floods of calls into the help desk, with people concerned about what they needed to do to re-establish the old level of performance on their system.  Mind you, nobody could quantify any degradation, but with this warning automatically generated by the ERP, how could you not assume you were working overtime tonight?  Seriously, this is the worst idea ever.  Why would Oracle ever assume that performance would be impacted, and worse, why tell every single user who may or may not be affected that his or her performance was going to be degraded?

For the record, if you ever get this message, you can clear it by unsetting the profile option values mentioned and bouncing Apache.


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