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October 15, 2009

Flashy show of support

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Screenshot-My Oracle Support - Mozilla Firefox

But don't type 841061.1 as your search criteria!

My Oracle Support (MOS) continues to make overtures about the end of classic Metalink, with no definitive date posted as of the last time I looked.   Losing the ftp site just adds insult to injury.   I would think that a company which trumpets Linux and slams Microsoft so much would recognize that not everyone wants to come to their support and download sites from a Microsoft Windows desktop using IE, but apparently I’m in the minority.  Not to mention I’m still waiting on them to address a flash bug from April 21, 2009 which prevents me from uploading attachments to an SR when using Firefox 3.5 under MOS (screenshot below).  Oracle’s response last April was “So this issue is already identified and will be fixed in the next version of My Oracle Support which should be implemented in a couple of months. Waiting for this new version, he workaround ( you already know it) is to use classice Metalink.”

I’ve read that a major reason they need to revamp Metalink is that they’ve acquired many products and would like to have a unified support interface for the customer.  What I don’t understand is why they’re not taking advantage of this revamp to provide some truly meaningful improvements to the support interface.  One simple improvement I would love to see would be a subscription option to the information you care about the most.  For example, instead of hunting down Discoverer cumulative patches and trying to guess when one comes out, why not have a checkbox next to the patch download which says “email me when this patch is superseded” or “Subscribe to updates to this product”?  Another example I’ve mentioned before is adding search logic to make a search on a Doc ID bring up the matching document as the first hit?  As an example, lets say you’re trying to find Doc ID 455058.1 “Discoverer 10g (10.1.2) Cumulative Patches: Information and Bug Listing” on MOS:  punch in 466058.1 as your search criteria, and see what happens.  The first hit is an alert document which references 466058.1, and the “relevance” bar is 2 of 8 (weak hit).  The second hit is the actual document I’m trying to find, and it’s relevance is also 2 of 8.  Personally I’d call a Doc ID match a relevance hit of 8 of 8, but that’s just me. 

Uploading an attachment to an SR under Firefox 3.5 with Flash and My Oracle Support

Uploading an attachment to an SR under Firefox 3.5 with Flash and My Oracle Support


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