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October 14, 2009

Java: The Next Generation

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The Next Generation

After a pretty uneventful migration from Jinitiator to Native Sun Java 1.6.0_12, our help desk began to field intermittent calls about random crashes from within Oracle.  These calls were coming from all range of users, simplest (meaning they run nothing but Oracle on their PC) to complex (multiple Java applications simultaneously).  After a bit of fact checking, we narrowed it down to the Java desktop client.  A bit more research on Metalink found paydirt in Note 290807.1 where “Next-Generation” Java is mentioned many times.  After reading the note, it’s clear that this particular client option causes more problems & work arounds than Oracle is willing to manage, and (at least in our case) the simplest solution was just to uncheck the box and restart the browser as shown below.   We’ll probably push a policy with the key disabling this “feature” soon.   This may not be the sole cause of the 11i desktop crashes, but we are certain it’s a strong contributing factor.

Disabling the Next-Generation Java Plug-In

Disabling the Next-Generation Java Plug-In


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