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September 30, 2009

Forms Designer – Old School (sans Windows)

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As stated previously, I don’t run a Windows desktop.  In response to a request from Oracle support to compile a form in Forms Builder, I had to reach back into the wayback machine and remember how to do it from the command prompt.  Just thought it was a fun diversion… of course, there was no difference in the compilation errors when I did it in Forms Builder than when I did it on the command line… but that’s besides the point.

In order to do this, you need to be able to project an X session onto your screen; it’s easy when you’re running native Linux, harder from Windows as you need some clumsy application running to manage it.  Basically, if you can type xclock on the Linux command line and get a clock on your screen, you’re good.  If not, Google search xhost+ and you will probably get to the answer in short order…

Alright, so here’s how it went.  First, to compile a form from the command line, ensure $AU_TOP/forms/US is in your path… or just be in that directory.  Then type:

$8.0.6_Home/bin/f60gen module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/PERWSSCP.fmb userid=APPS/password output_file=$PER_TOP/forms/US/PERWSSCP.fmx module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

Obviously, adjusting the paths and form names as required… Or you can do it from the GUI, just make sure $806_Home/bin is in your path (it should be) and type:

f60desm &

I know, it’s UGLY but it should come up looking like this:

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Select a file and filter

Select a file and filter

Counter-intuitively, you can type the path of your form directly into the above form…

The eye-catching main screen

The eye-catching main screen

Now you click File->Connect to establish the database connection (as apps)

Database Connection Screen

Database Connection Screen

Finally, to compile, you highlight the form on the main page and click Program->Compile

Screenshot-Compile - PERWSSCP

In my case, you get a bunch of errors…



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