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September 4, 2009

You can keep My Oracle Support (MOS)… I’ll take Metalink

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Apparently, I’m not the only one who dislikes the new “My Oracle Support” (MOS) website in comparison to the “old” Metalink.   I stumbled across this article in Computer World, which is interesting, but the most damning criticism I found was on one of Oracle’s own “internal but customer facing” type blogs here.  Check out the comments, they’re not too endearing.   Perhaps the most telling, however, is the poll, which shows 2/3s of users prefer the old Metalink, among other things.  Finally, here’s a forum link if you just can’t get enough.

Last year at Open World, Oracle was pushing MOS pretty hard, and although I don’t remember the exact public availability date, it had been out prior to Open World.  So the point is that after almost a year of improvements, most customers don’t want it.

To reiterate, here’s my major concerns with MOS:

  • Flash is cumbersome, proprietary, slow and buggy (especially on a linux desktop!)
  • Due to an acknowledged (6 months ago) Firefox bug, I can’t upload files via MOS (I have to log in to classic Metalink to do this)
    • SR Symptoms: When I try to attach/upload a file in the “new” metalink, it fails with some error I can’t even read because it’s cut out of the box in the pop up.
    • SR Response: I got the answer from our Metalink admin team : ” on trying to reproduce this getting the symptons associated with MOS bugs 7515007, 7660458. Please use classic UI or wait for SCM 3.1 where the upload is fixed. “
  • Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) is a great idea, if only it worked
    • In my experience, even when I map an SR with a system, the analyst still asks the same inane questions about the system
    • When I open an SR with a OCM profile, the analyst still asks the same inane questions about product versioning
    • The success rate and recency of information OCM pushes to Oracle from my hosts is inconsistent despite having configured them all the same way
  • If I enter a doc id in the knowledge search, it’s never the first result.  It should always be the first result.  Maybe even in a boxed off area before the first result.  Instead, I get notes and documents referencing the one I’m looking for.

I don’t know if this is the elephant in the room that Oracle doesn’t want to talk about, but they’re going to have a lot of unhappy Oracle professionals if they force MOS on us at it exists now.


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