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September 2, 2009

RDBMS 11gR2 Released

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I happened to see something about 11gR2 which linked me to this page.  I had expected the release to be in conjunction with Open World in October , but I was surprised to see it now available for download.  As a brief aside, I can see they’ll be promoting this instead in San Francisco.  When I was there in 2001, they were promoting Sun and EMC.  Then in 2006 they were promoting AMD and trying to kill Red Hat.  In 2008 it was HP Exadata.  Well they certainly spread the love.

I found it on edelivery and  OTN for linux x86 and linux x86-64.  I found it odd that I get spam email from Oracle on things completely irrelevant to me (such as Metalink 3 downtime) but I didn’t get a heads up on 11gR2.

You can browse the new features here. Unsurprisingly, Oracle says that is now the terminal 11.1 release, and updates will be delivered through PSU’s from this point forward.  Based on that information, and Oracle Lifetime Support policy, that means that the Premier support life for the major current RDBMS versions looks like this:

10.2 July 2010 (1 Year extension)
11.1  August 2012
11.2  September 2014

If you spend any time on their promotional page, you’ll find there is an “eduquiz” on 11gR2 features.  Since it boasts claims like 100% improvement in vague categories like productivity, it must have been done by a marketing department.  The one I found especially entertaining was in regards to Advanced Compression, so I added an answer which I think they missed in their quiz based on my implementation:



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