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August 26, 2009

My Oracle Support v. Metalink Searches

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There’s an Oracle-acknowledged bug in the “new” Metalink (aka My Oracle Support) which prevents me from being able to upload files for SR’s via their flash interface.  It has been tied to Firefox 3.X, and hasn’t worked since at least this spring.  Because of this, and also because it’s generally faster, I frequently log into the “old” Metalink.

One thing I’ve noticed: searches yield completely different results in the two different flavors of Metalink.   In general, the new, My Oracle Support (could they have come up with a worse name for this?) yields better results, in my opinion.  Case in point, a recent search of mine: In both sites, put “libc-2.1.3” under the search (All Sources).  In the old Metalink, I get 4 hits, dated from 2001-2006.   In My Oracle Support, I get 8 hits, 7 of which are dated 2007 or 2008.

My oldest complaint with Metalink/My Oracle Support is pretty fundamental.  How is it that when I put a document ID in the search bar as the only criteria, it never comes back as the #1 result of the search?  I know I can do an advanced search and try to force the issue… but why should I have to?  If this was the only thing they fixed then they migrated to this new, flash based site, I would have readily embraced it.


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