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August 19, 2009 I shall miss thee…

Filed under: Oracle — kkempf @ 7:28 pm

In their infinite wisdom, Oracle decided they’re going to do away with as a site to go fetch patches.  It’s one thing I really like about Oracle support.  It’s a simple, rarely unavailable,  easy way to get my patches, and I don’t have to stage them on my desktop then sftp them to staging server.  It just works.  Not sure why they feel the need to get rid of it; I did my part and opened an SR under feedback and said they shouldn’t kill it.  They replied back that I can use wget with the URL of the patch; this is fairly self defeating as that requires me to go into the (clumsy) Metalink, click around a few different times and type in the patch number, so I can fetch the URL so I can past it into my terminal.

 If you’re a fan of this ftp site, I’d recommend letting Oracle know via the feedback button in Metalink (My Oracle Support).


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