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August 18, 2009

My name is Kevin and I have an Oracle problem

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I think support has become worse every time I open an SR. I’ve decided that going forward, I would be just as well off filling out whatever random information I can in the required fields, and under the Problem heading just typing “My name is Kevin and I have an Oracle problem.” As far as I can tell, the techs never look at what you fill in anyways, and sometimes I can’t even find an applicable category under the product selection. This way, I’ll only have to submit the information once.

Recently we upgraded our front end (forms, web, reports, concurrent managers, and Discoverer 10g) from RH4 to RH5. After this was done, the system admin noticed a few stopped processes on the host, which neither of us could recall seeing before. I opened an SR when I couldn’t find anything useful on Metalink (though I found a few references on Google which just said to kill them…)

Here’s how the SR is going… with my comments in bold… am I being too hard on the tech?

Problem Description:

Since RH5 upgrade, seeing dis51ws processes with status Tl
### Requested files:ACT(Note 183274.1),RDA (Note 175853.1). Files to be loaded. ###
### Detailed Problem Statement ###
[oraprod@zso-oraapp-01 env]$ ps -fu oraprod|grep dis51ws
oraprod 10061 15301 0 13:55 ? Tl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146629
oraprod 14183 15301 0 14:08 ? Sl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146630
oraprod 15123 15301 0 14:10 ? Sl 0:01 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146631
oraprod 18897 15301 0 14:20 ? Sl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146632
oraprod 24283 15301 0 14:37 ? Tl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146635
oraprod 26821 15301 0 14:44 ? Sl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146636
oraprod 27443 15301 0 14:45 ? Sl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146637
oraprod 27565 15301 0 14:46 ? Sl 0:01 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146638
oraprod 27814 15301 0 14:47 ? Sl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146639
oraprod 30701 15301 0 14:56 ? Sl 0:00 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146640
oraprod 6956 15301 0 15:21 ? Sl 0:01 /u02/appprod/proddisco/bin/dis51ws -port 0 -opmn_ping_time 20 -preferencePort 16001 -uid 946146641
### Steps to Reproduce Problem ###
run discoverer server
### Instance Name(s) and Type of System(s) Where Error Occurs ###
PROD production
### Recent Changes to this Environment ###
RH 5
### Workarounds Used ###
### How is this Issue Impacting Your Business ###
Can you easily recover from, bypass or work around the problem?
Does your system or application continue normally after the problem occurs?
Are the standard features of the system or application still available; is the loss of service minor?

And here’s how my stellar analyst replies:

Hi Kevin, 
Please provide the following results.
1. I would like you to confirm the existing version name of Discoverer Server.
 To get the existing version name of Discoverer Server on Unix, go to $ORACLE_HOME/bin and run the command:
 strings -a dis51ws | grep "Discoverer Version:"
 Otherwise you can start Discoverer Plus/Viewer and check the version.  Didn't I provide you this above? ring a bell?
2. I would like you to confirm the Discoverer Server "cummulative patch" level.
 To list Discoverer interim patches applyed on your serevr I would like you to execute the script below iAS Discoverer side:
 > cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch
 > opatch lsinventory  I will admit, this is a legitimate request, but I could just tell him I'm on CP3
3. Executed the same command on my own RH5 machine  Congratulations... 
 [oracle@orldss-33 ~]$ ps -fu oracle|grep dis51ws
 oracle 3682 3645 0 11:04 pts/1 00:00:00 grep dis51ws
 [oracle@orldss-33 ~]$
What is the status Tl and Sl?  Really?  You don't know?  It's fairly central to my problem.  Why are you working this issue?  Can you Google it?
4. I would like you to execute and provide us the 'uname -a' output  Didn't I tell you I was on RH5?  
Thank you,
 Global Customer Services

* edit * as of today, this issue appears resolved by applying 8354043 which is Discoverer CP5 (Consolidated Patch 5).



  1. Nah…Disco techs at Oracle are the worst. You aren’t the only one.


    Comment by Jill — June 1, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

  2. Hi sir,

    Its me Kanna again….hope you remember me .

    small doubt

    version is on RHEL5 , databse

    we have 25 gb of physical memory and we were only able to have 500 users login into the system with each dis51ws consuming morethan 200mb while login .

    please let me know if this behaviour is expected and can we limit the login memory to 5 mb



    Comment by Kanna — January 23, 2012 @ 4:06 pm

    • Again, I have to emphasize that I have no experience with load runner, and can only say that if it works with a single login, I recommend you pursue the issue with either Oracle support, Load Runner, and possibly your sysadmin to rule out hardware or OS issues. It’s what I would do.

      Comment by kkempf — January 24, 2012 @ 8:26 am

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