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August 17, 2009


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Checker run found 55 new persistent data failures

This message shows up in EM, in a TEST ERP system, with no further information about the issue except when it occurred. It reminded me of PC LOAD LETTER from the movie Office Space. WTF does that mean? Who is checker? Metalink search is not particularly helpful. So I checked the alert log, and found that there were entries back in June when I had logical tablespace corruption, as well as last week, during the time when I was RMAN cloning this environment. That particular clone failed late in the process, because it wanted to create the duplicate (“B”) online redo logs in a directory that didn’t exist ($OH/dbs/blah/blah/blah some stupid default location). Then the clone sat all night and apparently checker came along and said “Hey! You have persistent data failures!”. Problem is, I’ve since redone the clone and run an RMAN backup validate check logical database without incident. So the best I can tell, this is a remnant of a failed RMAN duplicate. This is reinforced by the only relevant Metalink hit which stated this can occur at times during a create database command under some HPUX bug. Oh well, I just cleared it in EM so I didn’t have to look at it, but found it amusing nonetheless.


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