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June 5, 2009

Has support really become that bad?

Filed under: Oracle — kkempf @ 3:39 pm

I work regularly with a large software corporation on support cases. We pay a small fortune annually for the privilege of being able to open a case and find resolution on technical issues. I have a major work in progress related to a DR issue and I opened a case to get a 2nd set of eyes looking over solutions. As per the norm, I researched the details pretty thoroughly and providing them to vendor. Here’s their expert response:

“A colleague gave me this script a while back and I haven’t had an opportunity to test it but it should…”

Really? Your buddy gave you the script and even though you’re the expert, you’ve never used it, but you think it should do something? What’s next? “I found this on Google when I searched on your issue and it should be safe to run – let me know what it tells you”?

We’ve stooped to a new low.


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